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1918 is a project in response to the 2020 COVID-19 virus by installing large scale archival photographs of the 1918 Spanish Flu around the city of Philadelphia. The hope is to get people familiar with the concept of "history repeating itself" In 1918 there were 20,000 Philadelphians that lost their lives to the influenza pandemic. Many went forgotten. There are very little records, and no memorials here in Philadelphia to this day of those who were effected and died. Due to the strangeness and uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus, it was decided to spark a collaboration with Lindsay "L Nelms" Nelms, a creative designer and extremely talented fashion maker. We both banded together to create different types of hand sewn, and screen printed protective face masks. The mission was not only try and do something creative during the quarantine, but to allow others to have another outlet of purchasing masks because of the shortage at stores. In 2019 the Mutter Museum of Philadelphia unearthed the "Spit Spreads Death" concept from old 1918 posters of the epidemic, and rallied together citizens to march in remembrance of the forgotten. This project is also paying homage to the Mutter's valiant campaign. 


- C J Recchia 


Above masks created by L. Nelms

Above masks photographed by Stephen Recchia

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