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DOOMED FUTURE is an alternative form of thought. It is a skeptics way of interpreting the social, and materialistic world around them. By funneling antidotes of philosophical patterns into art and design, the clothing becomes more of a belief (or disbelief) rather than a brand. The symbolic nature of the art is to question and observe your environment - to see through what is initially presented to you, and dig further to unveil the truth about our reality and culture. It is with this exploration can we uncover that all things come to an end. It is the acceptance of the inevitable, and that death is apart of the never ending cycle. Only then can we accept ourselves as imperfect - that all things are drawn by a magnetic force of balance, creating a chaos that will last for eternity. 

Created in 2015 by CJ Recchia, Doomed Future is an art brand, operated by one individual artist, expressing his mind set through the expansion of design. The brand was born, and breathes in Philadelphia PA 

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