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From the beginning, my childhood was filled with crosses, rosaries, the Blessed Mother, and caucasian Jesus. Being raised in a predominantly Catholic home. I attended Catholic school, learned the faith, abided to their fundamentals, and dabbled in prayer, but I was never one for organized religion. In my early teens, I eventually broke faith and began to think alternatively. A lot of my work wether it be design or fine art, some what always has a religious notion to it. I enjoy the stories/metaphors and appreciate the discipline and devotion, but I see through the cracks and the corruption just like everything else. I am a skeptic. It was then, when my mind and heart felt dim. Things got darker. Experiences grew colder. I saw the world as a grim place, a place where people hurt each other. Faith became something I realized people created in order to occupy their minds from harsh realities. 




SHOULD'VE STAYED IN SCHOOL is a series that symbolizes irony. Irony between faith and education. You have faith in yourself, and rely on that to further your education, and further your success, but it becomes difficult with the many years, and many loans, and many sacrifices you must make. I believe we live in a very pressured time. I think my generation and the younger generations have been given too many opportunities. (If that is such a thing) It can become cloudy finding your path, since there are so many roads to be taken. Over the years I have heard many people in different scenarios say "Man, I should've stayed in school." No one is truly happy. Work becomes routine. Routine becomes life. Life becomes death. I am a firm believer that school is not a necessary factor in becoming successful or finding happiness. What people do with their money and how they acquire it has never been of my concern. I judge people solely on their intentions and actions, and wether they have the potential in benefiting themselves, others, and the world we share. 

- C J Recchia 

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